VUPLAST - PET & PE packaging production

PET jars

Resistant, durable, light weight and with simple design solutions our PET Jars are produced to meet all kind of transport and heat resistant demands and most important it is regarded as “safe packaging”.

PE packaging

Dozne for chemical industry applications, all sort of various canisters intended for transport and storage of inedible products. All products are made out of polypropylene and resistant to all kind diluents, paints, varnishes and home chemistry.

PET bottles

We are producers and distributors of PET bottles in range from 100 ml up to 5.000 ml in volume. PET bottles are usually used for transportations and storage of drinking water, carbonated juices, alcoholic beverages, etc.

NEW products

Honey jar - Bear

Due to high demand for specially designed packaging in ever growing business of honey production, beginning of 2018. Vuplast has launched to the market Jar in shape of little bear celebrating bears love of honey. Your honey packed in “our bear” will stand out among competitors products on the market.

Honey jar 210 ml

New Honey Jar with honeycomb texture in volume of 210 ml, equivalent to 300g of honey. Closures available in six different colors allows costumers to match their own company profile.

5L PET bottle

New product from company Vuplast, 5 Liter canister is ideal economical solution for your products. Handles available in six different colors allows costumers to match their own company profile.


Our 720 ml PET Jar is recognized to be the most commonly used Jar in honey production industry, but company Vuplast will continue to develop new PET Jars to meet ever changing market demands.


We are exhibitors at all major honey production fairs presenting our products to new customers and informing our traditional partners of our constant development.

Socially responsible

Vuplast values it’s contribution to social cultural development in arts, sports, education and environment protection by backing up various local projects emphasizing on long term cooperation in achieving sustainable solutions. Our cooperation with local volleyball club “Takovo” is one among others.

The catalog of the Vuplast products is in PDF format and you need to download Adobe Reader from the link:


Modern business model in making…

  • Improving production

Vuplast LTD is founded in 1987. as family company located in vicinity of Gornji Milanovac, Gornja Vrbava.(State road 177, 6 km from Gornji Milanovac). Company started as a producer of injection molding packaging, and for over thirty years of constant development, investing in high end equipment and human resource we became leader in production of PET packaging in Serbia.

Vuplast continues to strive in becoming innovations leader in production of PET packaging. Our well educated and skilful staff in process of vertical integration, from design to the final product in first class modern facilities, forms stepping stone for future success. Our core reference is our long term satisfying customers, product quality and express delivery.

If you are interested in some of Vuplast's products or have your packaging design, contact us to create your brands together!